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Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges are custom-fitted tooth prosthetics that function and look like natural, healthy teeth.

CEREC Crowns & Bridges

A crown, otherwise known as a cap, is custom-fitted to your bite and is placed over your natural tooth or dental implant. We recommend this procedure for those who have an intact tooth without root rot. The tooth may be damaged or decayed on the surface.

To replace a missing tooth that has neighboring teeth with decay and/or large fillings, or a tooth that has been missing for a long time (i.e., with gum recession around the area), we recommend bridges as opposed to dental implants.

At Fairbanks Dental Center we are able to do same day crowns and bridges using our CEREC technology. CEREC is a camera, computer and precision manufacturing machine all in one. CEREC's built in camera takes digital images of your tooth before and after preparation. The images are then used to design the ideal restoration including chewing and flossing contacts, and ideal tooth shape. The newly designed restoration is milled in the office out of a block of natural tooth colored porcelain and bonded directly to your tooth.